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Beautiful You

Dove soap has done it again! Creating these nail biting, thought-provoking videos that turn women into a puddle of water somewhere in the corner of their bathroom. Walking through the “Average” or “Beautiful” door is the latest experiment. And the introspection that ensues for women interviewed is raw and real. 

Most walk through the “Average” door. One mom has to pull her daughter through the “Beautiful” door. One woman, even up until the end, isn’t quite sure if she will ever walk through the “Beautiful” door. A mom and her son walks through the “Average” door. She’s struggling with whether it’s because she believes she’s average or whether she’s believes the press and what others have categorized her to be. And the saddest by far: the woman who stood there and quickly turned and walked away. She didn’t want to make that choice. 

How many women are locked into this paralyzing fear about our looks, our talents, our being? That we aren’t sure of our self-worth? That we have no clue as to who we are and whose we are? I confess, it took me a very long time to get comfortable in my own skin. I spent my teens years, envious of the friends who seemingly had it all. The parents who let them stay out late, the cool clothes to go to places and stay out late. 

I spent my twenties battling with the single me versus the married me and trying to figure out which was really me. Part of my thirties was in a battle to beat the race towards motherhood. Secretly dreading raising kids alongside people I practically helped raise. I’m not sure when that “aha” moment came. I can’t confess to a “Road To Damascus” moment. It may have been gradual or sudden. Who knows? 

But I know that “Beautiful” door is mine for the taking. It’s yours for the taking. It’s ours for the taking. The Beautiful you who has more mountains on your frame where there should be valleys. The Beautiful you whose hair be it kinky, straight, yours or not, or none doesn’t make or break you. The Beautiful you who may have gotten those two or three degrees or just beginning to figure out what your trajectory in life will be. The Beautiful you who chose to be the CEO of KIDS or the CEO of a business. The Beautiful you who God declared was fearfully and wonderfully made! Whose latter house would be greater than the former house! Whose mind wasn’t fearful but Christ-centered and fearless! 

Be that Beautiful you. Werk it! Own it! One step at a time. 

In love and transparency …