Random Thoughts

Vacate-Tion: Destination Glorious Living 

Not everyone has the means or methods to splurge on random trips to Europe. But everyone has the opportunity to save. It is never fun to be the one left standing at the wharf waving the kerchief as yet another friend travels to sights unseen. You’re left feeling some type of way and it is usually accompanied with a side of “feeling sorry for myself.” Well it doesn’t have to be that way. Traveling is no longer just for the haves.  Let’s look at some ways to increase your vacation mileage for years to come. 

One Penny At A Time

It’s been our second cruise in as many as four years. After I learned that I could lay-away my trip, it was nothing for me to call the travel agent and set up a weekly payment plan. As long as you can divide and subtract, you should be able to set aside funds each month, week or day towards your dream trip. What now seems as a huge price tag becomes chunk size pieces that are manageable to plan for. It will mean denying thyself that new pair of shoes (gasp!) or bringing lunch instead of eating out. When you’re standing in front of yet another gorgeous buffet, dining on an island’s waterfront or slicing your knife through a tender filet mignon, the leftovers of yesteryear will be a distant memory.  

Start off Small

Sites like Groupon and Living Social have made vacations, staycations and nights out that more doable and feasible. Suddenly an Indian restaurant in the fancy-schmancy part of town doesn’t seem like an Olympic hurdle to overcome. That two for one Groupon has made your night out something to look forward to. Zagat is a great source for all things foodie. Reading reviews on the top ten brunch spots in the country led my husband and I to a hotel I wouldn’t have otherwise ventured to. For the three hours we were there, you couldn’t tell us we weren’t your random couple just here at our Miami pieds-a-terre, searching for some good sushi and mimosas on a lovely Saturday morning. Garcon! 

Can’t Take Everybody With You

Nothing sets my teeth on edge more than hearing people limit themselves in life. Granted, we aren’t all able to pick up our Vuitton bags and jet set to Aruba, but we can grab that college-worn Jansport backpack and head for a road trip to “destination your choice.”  Most of our early years in marriage was spent road tripping up the east coast. Trips to Tennessee, Indiana, Oklahoma, yes even Canada were made on four wheels. You can’t put on Norah Jones’ “Come Away With Me” without my mind’s eyes seeing the red barn as our SUV took on the mountains of Pidgeon Forge, Tennesssee. Sharing life with those who enjoy new experiences make the planning and scraping and saving that much more worth it. I have my travel buddies on speed dial. Vegas for my 40th? Done. Shopping trip in Naples, FL. Am there. Africa, Europe, the Caribbean. The atmosphere is the limit! 

Next time you see the latest trip photos on your social media feed, instead of feeling sorry for yourself–do something about it. Call your girlfriends and hatch out a master plan for making that trip to sights unseen. Commit with your spouse to set aside funds for the trip and the babysitter if need be. Want some time away alone? Make it happen Captain! Make it do what it do and pack those bags for destination Glorious Life.